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  • Can I supply my own image for wallpaper designs?
    Yes, we can work with your own images as long as they meet the following requirements File size: Minimum size 2MB per square meter. Format: EPS, AI, PDF, JPG, TIFF or Raw.
  • Can existing Wallpaper Ink designs be customized?
    Yes, you can request changes to an existing design in terms of both colour and pattern scale. Please chat to us with any of your design requirements and we will adapt the design as far as possible.
  • How do I measure my walls?
    Width: from far left to far right (including doors, windows or other fixtures/fittings). Height: from celling to floor ( you can exclude the width of the skirting).
  • What is the lead time for installation?
    Once the artwork has been approved and payment has been received, it takes 2 weeks until installation/delivery.
  • How long does the design process take?
    From our catalogues existing designs 2 week lead time. For custom design: 5-8 working days for design work and then 2 weeks lead time thereafter.
  • Do you come out for site visits?
    Depending on your location, yes we can come meet you on site. Please note that we are based in Westville, Durban (Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa) and can only travel within a certain radius.
  • Do you supply rolls of pre-printed wallpaper?
    No, we do not supply rolls of pre-printed wallpaper. Each job is unique and is divided into panels, designed and printed to fit the exact dimensions of your walls or space. If you are arranging or handling your own installation, please ensure that your installer is familiar with fabric based wallpaper and with the installation on seamless joins. We can provide you with a set of installation instructions if required.
  • What is fabric based wallpaper?
    There was a time when wallpaper was covering your walls in patterned paper with tough glue. But times and technology has advance to bring a unique, durable, easy to clean fabric-based wallpaper alternative. Our fabric wallpaper is a matt canvas fabric weight and texture with the designs embedded using sublimation printing and non-toxic inks which results in richer long lasting colour. A chic and extremely durable product that is 100% customizable, easy to maintain with a damp cloth and easy to remove the panels without stubborn glue residue or damage to your walls after. (Please see photos on home page slider for a close up of the texture example)
  • How to keep my wallpaper clean?
    Our fabric based wallpaper can be wiped down with a damp cloth. No chemicals should be used on the wallpaper as this could cause damage.
  • How much does Wallpaper Ink wallpaper cost?
    All the designs in our catalogue cost the same per square meter. The price of any project is determined by the dimensions of the specific wall, the delivery address and / or location for installation. Please feel free to contact us for a free quotation with the width and height of your wall.
  • Can we create custom designs?
    We can create a custom design for you. Send us your inspiration reference for an artwork quotation. Please note that we do not copy other designers original work.
  • Do you install the wallpaper?
    Yes, we can arrange the installation for you in greater Durban, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape town. If required, the installation cost will be included in your quotation. Please note that this service does depends on your location and the availability of qualified installer in your area.
  • Do we offer trade prices?
    Yes, we do offer to trade. Please contact us to discuss further.
  • How do I need to prepare my walls for installation?
    Wall surface need to be as smooth and even as possible. Any shelves, nails and screws need to be removed and the holes filled and smoothed before installation. Old wallpaper will need to be removed. All electrical covers to be removed. If it is a new wall, the concrete / cement need to be skimmed and primed with an oil-based primer to avoid the wallpaper glue being absorbed and the wallpaper peeling off over time. Please note that artwork that has a lot of crisp / stark white in the design might clash with walls that are painted beige or off white. We suggest perhaps painting your wall base colour to white to avoid this.
  • Can you courier the wallpaper nation wide?
    Yes, we do courier nation wide.
  • Can I use wallpaper in my bathroom?
    Yes, but we do recommend that the wall does not come in direct or regular contact with water. Example being a wall situated right next to a bath or shower.
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