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Protea wallpaper design supplied by Wallpaper Ink

01 About

Create a stylish interior backdrop for your space with our stunning range of wallpaper options from
traditional to contemporary design, that will bring your décor to life and reflect your own distinctive style.

Wallpaper Ink specialises in the design, manufacturing and installation of fabric based wallpaper

and custom printed wallpaper design.

With our vast range of unique and custom wallpaper designs, your home, office or hospitality decorating options are endless.

We use high quality fabric based wallpaper which ensures an extremely versatile, durable and sustainable 
alternative to traditional wallpaper.

With our many years of design experience, and passion for customer satisfaction, we will assist you to find or create the perfect design to complement your lifestyle.


See our FAQ SECTION for more details


02 Lookbook
See our full Catalogue tab above
/ and on request


03 Process

To start your design transformation with us all you need to do is send us an email in the enquiry form below with the name of the design /s in our catalogue your interested in or a detailed description

 of the reference images of the design style you require. 


What happens next? 

Once a design is chosen for you we will begin working on a digital mock up

to help you visualise the end goal   
We do understand how overwhelming the decision process can be with so many designs to choose from, but our passionate and patient sales team are experts in matching designs and client visions.


04 Contact

Send us a mail, whatsapp or simply fill in the form and submit your enquiry. 

Contact Us

Thank you for your enquiry!
083 676 3420
South Africa

Open Monday - Friday 9am -4pm
Closed Public Holidays

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